About Us

  • AB Imports strives to bring quality workmanship to vintage autos.

  • Keeping classic cars on the road is one of our main goals.

  • We want to take your tired, vintage, and special classic car and make it road worthy again.

  • Repairing old components, replacing common-wear items, and leaving room for the customer to get their hands dirty as well.

  • We do not offer fully restored vehicles at this time, just a decent starting point for a passion project or hobby. You take the restoration as far as you need, and we will still be happy to help along every step.

  1. Locate your dream car

  2. Email info@abimportsusa.com to discuss your plan

  3. Coordinate shipment/delivery

  4. We get to work!

  5. Deliver Results.

  • Your passion for your classic car is where our pursuit begins to keep these vintage machines on the road.